We know that new challenges will emerge as New Mexico reopens and begins recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. My COVID-19 relief and recovery plan is only the first step. The truth is that structural inequality and systemic blind spots have plagued our economy and way of life for decades, long before this recent catastrophe. 
COVID-19’s wake only exacerbated what many of us already knew to be true and what too few of us refused to stand-up and fight for. 
This needs to change, now. We need bold action in Congress to right these wrongs and to rebuild and reimagine an economy that’s resilient enough to survive future crises and just enough to support everyone. This includes supporting our workers, unions, small businesses, and also the underlying infrastructure that gives us the opportunity, mobility, and safety to pursue our dreams. 
That’s why I’ll fight to ensure Congress has a plan to build a more equitable economy for New Mexicans.  
How we address these challenges will reverberate for decades. If we are to provide a sustainable future, then we must act boldly and ensure that we tackle the deep-seated disparities and inequities we face. 
In Congress, I will work to promote true economic recovery built on equity, fairness, dignity, and boldness. My plan includes fighting for the following priorities: 
Promote Equity & Fairness 

  • Raise the federal minimum wage to $15 

  • Expand Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit to ensure every family can make a living

  • Immediately raise and renegotiate wages for federal contract workforce 

  • Close the racial wealth gap by supporting the creation of “Baby Bonds” to incentivize a savings vehicle for every child

  • Close the small business racial gap  by creating a Small Business “Equity Fund” to invest in entrepreneurs of color 

  • Provide a roadmap to citizenship for everyone

  • Fully fund and provide universal access to social safety net programs

  • Make public college tuition-free and cancel student debt

  • Create childcare and long-term care jobs to care for seniors, children, and others.

Protect “Dignity of Work” & Economic Justice 

  • Expand collective bargaining, the right to unionize, and workplace democracy in all policies

  • Fund State, Local, and Tribal Governments to provide critical services, including public health, education, transportation, unemployment, affordable housing, and safety nets

  • Establish a National Investment Employment Corps to provide universal job coverage for all adults and to help decrease involuntary unemployment 

  • Support small business and community development by incentivizing loans to economically disadvantaged communities—work with SBA and others to provide pathways to ensure community lenders are approving and getting loans to more minority applicants

  • Renegotiate and negotiate fair trade policies that protect domestic manufacturing and good jobs, and strengthen worker power.

Reimagine Infrastructure to Promote A New Economy and & Protect the Vulnerable 

  • Provide a national platform for state and district efforts to reimagine accessible, safe, and reliable methods of transit for all

  • Providing affordable, quality internet to urban and rural communities so that every 1st district resident has the same ability to connect with the world

  • Create significant set-aside funding for federal grants to Tribal Nations to expand broadband access on Native American lands

  • Updating the pipes and water systems to ensure safe, healthy, affordable water—beginning with communities hit hardest by COVID

  • Modernize our infrastructure with funding to address local transportation bottlenecks in Albuquerque and across New Mexico

  • Create new jobs through infrastructure spending focused in low-income census tracts – including broadband, 5G, and water systems

  • Support the development of an electric vehicle charging grid to facilitate the transition to zero-emissions transportation.

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