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Kathy Kunkel

Former Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Health

"During my time as New Mexico Secretary of Health, I witnessed Victor navigate and address some of the most complex issues facing our state. In the legislature, he brought together coalitions to make meaningful changes in health policy. Never did he back down to special interests or anyone standing in the way of helping New Mexicans. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw Victor fight to tear down structural barriers that made the weight of the pandemic even heavier on families across the state especially in rural communities and our sovereign nations. His leadership in the pandemic response helped make sure communities didn’t go without. Congress needs someone with Victor’s unique understanding of the challenges facing our communities during this unprecedented moment in history. Our community needs someone like Victor who isn’t afraid to take on the toughest fights. Time and time again, he has proven he can deliver."

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Judy Griego

Former Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services and former New Mexico Air National Guard Brigadier General

"When I was the Secretary of New Mexico Department of Veteran’s Services I saw first hand how hard Victor is willing to fight for those who have served our country,” said co-chair Judy Griego. “I look forward to spreading the word about his grassroots campaign amongst our veterans and military families.”


Neomi Martinez-Parra

Former DPNM VICE Chair & Progressive Champion

"I’ve seen firsthand Victor's incredible work ethic and commitment to the people of New Mexico. He is the young progressive voice we need advocating for New Mexico in the halls of Congress and delivering for them like he always has. I’m proud to stand behind his historic candidacy and urge members of the State Central Committee to do so as well.”


Andrés Romero

State Rep, Chair of New Mexico’s House Education Committee


“Victor has been a tireless advocate for education and our teachers,” said State Representative Andrés Romero. “Now more than ever we need young leaders like Victor to unapologetically fight for those in our communities who cannot keep waiting for politics as usual to address their urgent needs.”


Roger Montoya

State Representative

“I have come to know a handful of inspiring and generational leaders -- Victor Reyes is both,” said Representative Roger Montoya. “Victor’s strong advocacy and diligence while working in the Governor’s office helped address some of our state’s most pressing issues. Victor will work for those without a voice -- specifically our children and those in need of an advocate. I wholeheartedly endorse Victor Reyes because our state, our communities, and our people need a visionary leader like him.”

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Sheryl Williams Stapleton

Majority Floor Leader, State Representative

"Victor is a change maker, game changer and he has the experience and knowledge to build coalitions in Washington.  Members, if you are uncommitted, I humbly ask you to vote for Victor Reyes, A person who would represent Congressional District 1 with strong Democratic values. He is a Fighter and a Champion who has always delivered."


Leo Jaramillo

State Senator, Vice-Chair of Senate Indian, Rural, & Cultural Affairs Committee


Lee Alcon

State Representative, Chair of House Labor, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee


Peter Nieto

Mayor of Mountainair


Equality PAC


LGBTQ Victory Fund

Ritchie Torres

Congressmember, NY-15, Bronx, CPC, Co-Chair LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus

“Representation matters, which is why I’m proud to endorse Victor,” said Congressman Ritchie Torres. “Not only is Victor a dedicated advocate for the people in his community, but he would join me to be the second LGBTQ Latino in Congress. Our communities cannot wait for change, we must demand it and take action and that starts with electing leaders like Victor.”


Annise Parker

Houston Mayor / LGBTQ Victory Fund Chair

“Victor Reyes is a voice we have never before seen in Washington,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund. “Victor will become the first LGBTQ Mexican-American elected to Congress and the first LGBTQ person elected from New Mexico. He will grow our LGBTQ+ representation in the House to ten members, building our power in the halls of Congress. Victor will bring his unique and underrepresented perspective to Congress to prioritize and pass legislation to protect and advance the LGBTQ+ community.”


Chris Pappas

Congressman (D-NH)

"I am proud to endorse Victor Reyes for Congress in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District. Victor knows his community, understands their challenges, and is running a people-centered campaign without taking a dime of corporate PAC money,” said Congressman Chris Pappas. “As the first LGBTQ+ person of color to serve New Mexico in Congress, Victor will bring a much-needed perspective to Congress, and I look forward to working with him to pass the Equality Act and make progress on a host of issues to move America forward and leave no one behind.”


David Cicilline

Congressman (D-RI), CPC Member

“Victor is running a strong, grassroots campaign and represents the next generation of progressive leadership in New Mexico,” said Equality PAC Co-Chair Congressman David Cicilline. “Victor brings with him a diverse set of experiences and a strong voice that is desperately needed in the House and in our caucus. We know representation matters and we look forward to working with Victor to help him achieve victory."


Mark Takano

Congressman (D-CA), CPC Member

“Victor Reyes will be the first LGBTQ+ person of color to represent New Mexico in Congress, growing the diversity of our caucus and increasing Latino representation in the House,” said Equality PAC Co-Chair Chairman Mark Takano. “Equality PAC is proud to stand with Victor in this important campaign, which will be one of the first races since the inauguration of President Biden where Democrats will be fighting to defend our majority. In Congress, Victor will be a fierce advocate in helping pass the Equality Act while working to end discrimination for every American - no matter their gender, color of their skin, or who they love.”


Marc Veasey

Congressman (D-TX)

“Victor Reyes has proven that he can work with diverse stakeholders to pass important legislation,” said Congressman Veasey. “He’s a passionate advocate, community organizer, and public servant who has delivered for New Mexicans. I’m supporting Victor because he can get things done.”


Joe Noriega

Democratic Activist

“I am proud to support Victor Reyes for Congress. Victor is an active voice for the LGBTQ+ community,” said LGBTQ+ Organizing Committee Co-Chair Joe Noriega. “His work advocating for the passage of crucial legislation such as free public college and lowering prescription drug prices has shown his unwavering commitment to New Mexico and making our state a more open and equitable place to live. He will be a strong advocate for young queer people and will work hard to highlight, prioritize, and pass legislation that protects and advances the LGBTQ+ community.”

Bunnie Benton Cruse

Latinx Trans Activist and Community Leader

“I’m endorsing Victor Reyes for Congress because more LGBTQIA folx need to be at the table,” said LGBTQ+ Organizing Committee Co-Chair Bunnie Benton Cruse. “And Victor is the best person for the job.”

Sydney Tellez

Community Advocate

“As a queer woman of color, I'm proud to support Victor’s progressive campaign,” said LGBTQ+ Organizing Committee Co-Chair Sydney Tellez. “He’s been an advocate for reproductive freedom and justice and understands the intersection of a spectrum of issues that matter to LGBTQ+ New Mexicans.”

Christopher Salas

Educator and Community Advocate

“Victor will be a voice we have never seen before in Washington,” said LGBTQ+ Organizing Committee Co-Chair Christopher Salas. “I’m standing with him because I know he will stand up for us every day.”

Romaine Serna

Democratic Activist, Child Advocate, and Democratic State Central Committee Member

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  • Jantina Eshleman - Torrance County Community Leader, 2018 Democratic Pre-Primary Convention Delegate

"When I met Victor several years ago I was most impressed by his energy and his drive,” said co-chair Jantina Eshleman. “I have been able to share and commiserate with him about the fears and frustration in the financial battle to receive quality, comprehensive health care. Victor is wholly committed to taking those concerns to Washington in representing New Mexico's 1st District. I need him there. We all need him there.”

  • Paula Fisher - Labor leader, public employee advocate, and Democratic State Central Committee Member


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