Health Care

For New Mexicans

I believe that affordable, quality health care is not only a right for all New Mexicans, but a necessity – especially if we are to truly recover in the wake of COVID-19, and if we are to decidedly rebuild and protect our most vulnerable communities.  
The economic devastation of the COVID-19 crisis disproportionately impacted the uninsured, the unemployed, immigrants, and rural and tribal communities. Helping them to have more sustainable health access and resources will put them on the road to recovery much faster. 
These communities are often filled with front-line and essential workers, who risk their lives day-in and day-out to protect us all.  It’s our turn to protect them. 
In Congress, I will strongly support “Medicare for All” and will work tirelessly to support New Mexico’s health centers and providers – they are the true first line of defense, and they must be protected and provided with the right resources. 
We cannot wait for another crisis or catastrophic event to mobilize the resources we need to protect each other. We must invest now. 
Supporting these efforts at the federal level will require coalition building and bold action --- because expanding access to care isn’t just a political end, but a pragmatic and practical means by which to ensure recovery and relief for working families in New Mexico. 
We must work together if we are to change the narrative in Washington D.C. I will focus on the following priorities in Congress: 


Expand Medicare and Access 

  • Support Medicare for All efforts and legislation

  • Support efforts to automatically enroll anyone who loses their job into Medicare

  • Immediately expand traditional Medicare to lower the eligibility age to 50 and cover all children up to age 25

  • Lower prescription drug prices through direct negotiating drugs across all payers

  • Protect access to all health and reproductive services, and address the maternal mortality crisis and its disproportionate impact on communities of color.

  • Ensure that mental health and substance use treatment is provided at no out-of-pocket cost.

Strengthen Funding and Resources 

  • Expand federal support for New Mexico to respond to COVID-19 pandemic 

  • Increase funding for New Mexico public health care systems, including community health centers, behavioral health providers, Indian health providers, and rural and veterans’ hospitals.

  • Recruit and retain doctors and medical professionals for our district’s hospitals, health centers, and providers. 

  • Work with federal agencies to provide New Mexico with critical information it needs to make decisions about the future, including comprehensive reports identifying how much funding each hospital and provider group received from the various relief programs 


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