reproductive justice

and equity

I have been a long-time champion of reproductive freedom and reproductive justice. 
In 2016, I was part of a coalition of women, families, and community organizations who relaunched the Respect New Mexico Women Campaign. During this time, I helped defeat anti-abortion legislation, stood up against attacks on life-saving fetal tissue research, and helped elevate community voices in support of protecting access to reproductive healthcare. 
I currently serve as the National Board Chair of Catholics for Choice. Through my role, I serve as a reminder that the hierarchy of the church does not reflect the voices of those in the pews who support a person's right to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions, including abortion care – not despite their faith, but because of their faith. 
I stand with Planned Parenthood and with all of the organizations in our state working towards reproductive justice, and I always will. I worked within the governor’s office to repeal New Mexico’s 1969 abortion ban, which has been a multiple-year endeavor, and supported efforts to expand contraceptive access. 


Reproductive Health Care

At the federal level, I have been a part of advocacy efforts to engage members of Congress to support the EACH Woman Act which would repeal the Hyde Amendment and other discriminatory restrictions on abortion care funding. If I am fortunate enough to represent New Mexico in Congress, co-sponsoring this critical legislation will be one of my first priorities. I pledge to:

  • Stand up and fight for women and pregnant people’s right to make their own health care decisions, including access to abortion care

  • Work to repeal the Hyde Amendment from congressional appropriations bills and pass the EACH Woman Act

  • Pass legislation that would prevent future President’s from enacting funding restrictions like the Trump administration’s Title X gag rule and increase funding to family planning clinics that also provide or refer for abortion care

  • Support federal legislation to preempt state efforts that functionally limit access to reproductive health care. 


Equity for Every New Mexican

In New Mexico, over two-thirds of working families rely on mothers to be the breadwinner. These numbers are even higher for Black women, Indigenous women, and women of color. It is time that Congress acted to ensure we stand up and advance policies that reflect the critical role women and families play in our communities, lives, and the strength of our economy. 
This action rests on finally fighting for basic rights for every person. In Congress, I will support key actions and priorities starting with the below: 

  • Fight for equal pay through support for the Paycheck Fairness Act 

  • Support finally ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment

  • Support adopting the national paid family and medical leave program envisioned in the FAMILIES Act, which would guarantee workers up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave at partial pay for the birth or placement of a child or to care for family members with a serious illness

  • Support the Healthy Families Act to provide paid and unpaid sick leave for employees to meet their own medical needs and those of their families

  • Support efforts to lower the New Mexico maternal mortality rate, which disproportionately impacts Black women, Indigenous women, and women of color

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